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Service Panel Upgrades

Older homes may have inadequate or unsafe electrical service. We at The Electrical People specialize in electrical sevice upgrades. This includes a new, upgraded service to the house, removing and replacing unsafe electrical wiring and conditions and increasing the amount of power available to the home.

Electrical panels made by Zinsco or Federal Pacific

These panels where manufactued and installed in the 70's and 80's and have been found to be the cause of many electrical fires. It is recommended by the National Electrical Code that these types of electrical service panels be upgraded by a certified electrical professional. Many municipalities and insurance companies require the changing of these panels to insure a safe home environment.

Aluminum or Knob and Tube Wiring

Older homes may been wired using aluminum wire. This type of wire has been found to be inadequate over time and it is recommended that  it be removed and replaced. Knob and tube also has been found to create unsafe conditions that should be changed out whenever possible

Fuses in your panel box

Older homes that employ fuses are often past their life span and may be a sign of an underpowered house. Typically these fuse boxes are a 60 amp service and may leave todays modern power needs underpowered. Also, electrical connections and wires in these conditions may lead to unsafe conditions. Let us come out and give you a electrical assessment of the conditions in your home.

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