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                  Electrical Services

We The Electrical People are committed to bringing our clients the highest level of service possible. With our highly trained electricians, years of  experience and a commitment to intergrity

The Electrical People
An Honest Estimate

From full scale remodels to adding energy efficient lighting, we will provide detailed cost breakdowns for all your electrical needs. Our highly trained, certified electrical professionals will perform all work in a professional, workman like  manor according to the latest building codes and practices. With years of expeirience and a commitment to service excellence, we welcome the opportunity bring our ethos to your  project.

Say what you do, do what you say

A simple concept that we have built our company on. Over the years this idea has instilled a confidence and trust from our customers, suppliers, designers, architects and  contractors to depend on The Electrical People to complete their projects time and time again. In the competitive environment that exists today, it is those with integrity and skill that survive and thrive.

A commitment to safety

Electrical safety is of concern to all of us. We are committed to correcting unsafe electrical conditions and providing a safe home environment to you and your family. Through, skill, knowledge and experience we bring peace of mind through our work practices. From job site safety  to final inspection, our attention to detail insures a safe environment for years of satisfaction and lack of concern.


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