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Residential Electrical Services

Here are just some of the services we provide at The Electrical People. In todays wired world, a knowledge of the latest technologies available is crutial to staying competitive in todays ever evolving environment. We constantly strive to find creative solutions to the days complexities and to ever expand our knowledge of the systems available.

With the growth of the electric vehicle market we have seen a sharp increase in demand for home rapid charging systems.


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Replacing out of date lighting with modern, energy efficient lighting is a great way to cut down of your energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint, all while saving money. With so many options to chose from, we are sure to find a sutable style and function for your home.

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 We can provide a detailed assessment of your current electrical service and make recommendations to correct underserviced homes and provide solutions such as panel upgrades, expanded service loads, rewire of unsafe conditions and such.

  In the case of remodeling, we can provide you with options on upgrading your electrical service, correcting unsafe conditions, and installing additional lighting, circuits and components while construction is in process.

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New Construction

Major remodels and new construction are a mainstay at The Electrical People. Working with homeowners, designers, architects and contractors to bring the visions and concepts of these talented professionals to life is what our team does, day in and day out.


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